Happy Christmas. And a whole load of FREE learning!

David Tate Monday 19th December 2022

Dear GIEQs Online Users,

Santa has a little gift for you from GIEQs. Until 6/1/2023 the following learning experiences (top rated by you, the users of GIEQs Online) are available completely free.

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Upper GI Endoscopy from GIEQs III Plenary Post Upper GI Cancer is a problem but it is not as recognised as Post Colonoscopy Colorectal Cancer. We explore how getting the basics of gastroscopy right can help prevent it.
Application of High Quality UGI Endoscopy to the PatientStructured approach: detection, characterisation, features under white light and chromoendoscopy
Optimal Gastroscopy TechniqueIntubation, mucosal inspection, lesion detection and the art of the endoscopic photo.
Gastrointestinal Bleeding SymposiumTechniques for quickly establishing the cause and application of effective hemostasis
Case 1 : Colonoscopy UpksillingColonoscopy performed by a trainee. Covers water immersion, splenic flexure negotiation, distal and proximal transverse progression and peri-appendiceal cold snare polypectomy. With Educational Contract and Feedback session.
Practical Loop Resolution-1 Practical Loop Resolution-2Conscious Competence describes a state of mastery of a practical skill where you understand why the interventions you perform work, or do not work to solve a clinical problem
Training analysis from VideoDeconstruction of a training episode with key points for improvement
Deconstructed Theory of PolypectomyA 2.5 hour tour of the important concepts in polypectomy theory in 2022. These concepts are explored more deeply in the other courses that we offer throughout the site.
Decision Making in PolypectomyA deconstructed trainer to determine which polyps contain cancer, suitability for the endoscopist performing, whether to use hot or cold polypectomy and whether piecemeal resection is appropriate. Much discussion of technique with deconstruction.
Cold snare polypectomy techniqueCase of Multiple Cold Snare Polypectomies and a Large Sigmoid Pedunculated Polyp. Performed by trainees with performance enhancing feedback and debrief.
Dye Spray in IBDIncreasingly endoscopic assessment = microscopic assessment. Here we delve into how better endoscopic imaging technology and artificial intelligence are impacting better and more efficient diagnosis and treatment for IBD patients in 2021.