GPAT - A Competency Framework for Colonic Polypectomy - Webinar
Live and Online : Tuesday 13th June 2023 , 19:30 - 21:30 CEST
on Demand thereafter
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GPAT - A Competency Framework for Colonic Polypectomy - Webinar

How to use an Online Logbook with an associated competency framework to track your progress in Polypectomy

Bleeding from next to a clip after EMR
Bleeding from a visible vessel sitting right next to the leg of a clip after Endoscopic Mucosal Resection


Trainees in colonic polypectomy often struggle with unstructured training. Recently the ESGE published a competency framework in colonic Polypectomy led by some of the GIEQs faculty. Attached to the framework is an assessment tool allowing those interested to use an online assessment tool with associated logbook and metric generator to track their progress in colonic Polypectomy via structured assessment of training episodes. 

Aims of the Webinar and Objectives

  • Briefly review the upcoming ESGE guideline for colonic polypectomy 
  • Introduce the GPAT – Global Polypectomy Assessment Tool 
  • Introduce the online framework associated with GPAT and explain how it can be used to track progress and record procedures in colonic polypectomy  
  • Demonstrate how gpat can be used to give structured feedback using a video after a training episode in colonic endoscopic mucosal resection 
  • Show multiple examples of trainees receiving such structured feedback using gpat 

Type of Course

GIEQs Webinar

Who should attend?

  • Trainees in colonic Polypectomy  
  • Those interested in tracking their progress in colonic Polypectomy  
  • Those with an interest in improving their conscious competence if Polypectomy 
  • Those who train others in Polypectomy 

Possibility for live attendance? 



2 hours (start 1930 CET end 2130 CET)


  • Dr David Tate
  • Dr John Anderson
  • Dr Roland Valori
  • Dr Lobke Desomer