Per-oral (POEM) Endoscopic Myotomy Virtual-Live Course
Live and Online : Thursday 15th June 2023 , 08:00 - 17:45 CEST
on Demand thereafter
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Submucosal Interventional Endoscopy Course [Virtual Experience] – Day 2 – Oesophageal POEM

Aims of the Course

  • Explain the theory of submucosal endoscopy, focussed on Oesophageal POEM
  • Describe the patient consent process for POEM
  • Describe the commonly used materials for POEM
  • Describe the technical manoeuvres required to perform oesophageal POEM
  • Describe how to handle adverse events during POEM
  • Describe the follow-up care for patients after POEM

Type of Course

GIEQs Complex Course

Live Course held in Ghent (3 places available, mail to secure a pace)


Virtual-live experience available on and for catch up after the event

Who should attend?

Those with an interest in Submucosal Endoscopy techniques, particularly POEM (virtual)

Those who wish to develop their submucosal endoscopy technique particularly POEM (live/virtual)

Possibility for live attendance?

Yes. Mail Cost €250 including refreshments

Click here (link to page) for practical details of live attendance.


1 day (8 hours)


Dr David Tate