Sessile Serrated Lesions (SSL). Enhancing Detection, Characterisation and Complete Resection [Webinar]
Live and Online : Monday 13th November 2023 , 19:30 - 21:35 CET
on Demand thereafter
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Finding and removing serrated polyps [Webinar]

Learning Objectives:


Begin the webinar with an introduction to the complexities of SSL.

General Topics:

– Explore updated terminology for 2023, understanding the nuances between SSL, SSA/P, and SSP.

– Gain insights into a variety of serrated lesions and briefly address serrated polyposis syndrome.


– Learn the visual cues for detecting serrated polyps via colonoscopy through illustrative videos showcasing various appearances.

– Uncover the significance of the serrated polyp detection rate (SDR) and how it acts as a surrogate for ADR.

– Examine the current role of artificial intelligence in the detection process and its potential for the future.


– Discuss comprehensive characterization techniques for serrated lesions, supported by a range of examples, images, and videos.

– Dive into the criteria for dysplasia detection in serrated lesions.

Complete Resection:

– Engage with the latest research findings from the CARE study and their implications for practice.

– Analyze the most effective resection techniques for small and larger lesions and the clinical considerations for each method.

The webinar will conclude with a dedicated question and answer session, followed by a summary to reinforce the evening’s key takeaways.

Type of Course

GIEQs Webinar

Who should attend?

All interested endoscopists

Possibility for live attendance?



2 hours (start 1930 CET end 2130 CET)


Dr David Tate

Dr John Anderson

Dr Roland Valori

Dr Lobke Desomer

Dr Vikash Lala