GIEQs Teaser Videos

Sharma Pragati Tuesday 16th January 2024

Examples of the GIEQs Deconstructed approach to Endoscopy Education

Released prior to the early bird deadline these 6, 1-2 minute video snippets demonstrate the attention to detail, deconstructed approach and rock solid evidence base of the GIEQs Approach.

1 – Unveiling the Complexity: Navigating Challenging Polyps in Endoscopy Uncover the intricacies of managing challenging polyps during endoscopy in this video.


2 – Detecting and Managing Oesophageal Abnormalities: Key Insights and Strategies an oesophageal abnormality, emphasizing the importance of thorough examination, virtual chromoendoscopy imaging, biopsy, and multidisciplinary evaluation for proper management.


3 – Decision-making in Large Rectal Polyps: Evaluating Cancer Risk Large rectal polyp with villous morphology and mucus production requires en bloc resection due to the high risk of buried cancer.


4 – Discover the JNET Classification at GIEQs IV JNET classification and how it can successfully predict the correct treatments for colorectal polyps at GIEQs Symposium 4th Edition.


5 – The Potential of AI in Endoscopy: Enhancing Polyp Detection Explore AI’s Role in Improving Polyp Detection at Colonoscopy.


6 – Unveiling GI Bleeding Management Techniques: A Glimpse into what is on offer at GIEQs – Our Upcoming Symposium A Sneak Peek: Navigating the Complexities of Upper GI Bleeding.

7 – Artificial Intelligence doesn’t see polyps you don’t show it How to avoid reliance upon artificial intelligence in Endoscopy.
8 – Decision Making in the Rectum: Different to Elsewhere in the Colon The rectum has specific characteristics which require different decision making for large polyps detected in this location. Watch the video for more details.
9 – When a Gastric Ulcer is not a Gastric Ulcer – Symposium Preview A Glimpse into Advanced Imaging and Diagnostic Challenges in the Upper GI tract including the common futility of biopsies.
10 – EUS/ERCP Sessions EUS as a complimentary technique to ERCP for biliary and pancreatic drainage.
11 – Difficult Polypectomy: A Sign within the Defect This video provides a glimpse into the themes that will be explored in-depth during the upcoming GIEQs IV symposium.
12 – Characterization and resection of a recurrence of a SSL (sessile serrated lesion) in the colon A rapid tour of techniques for Scar Assessment and treatment of Adenoma Recurrence after polypectomy.
13 – Management of a Concerning Rectal Polyp: more at #GIEQS4 A Glimpse into the Scientific Content on show at our Upcoming Symposium.