Bringing Endoscopy Education to All Corners of the Globe

One of the Founding Pillars of The GIEQs Foundation is to bring Everyday Endoscopy Education to all Corners of the Globe. Our Virtual-Live Platform is the ideal way to achieve this.

What we're doing
3 Charitable Goals.

We have committed to 3 charitable aims as part of the mission of the GIEQs Foundation:

  • Distribution of Free Online Endoscopy Education Online learning is simply the best way to reach a large number of people. We are working with National gastroenterological societies to bring FREE access to those who cannot afford it.

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  • Funding Endoscopy Fellowships Fellowships are another great way to make an impact on less fortunate institutions. By setting up trainees with a competent basic endoscopy practices can be greatly improved.

  • Funding Endoscopy Materials Part of our mission is to set up endoscopy units in less fortunate countries with new materials. This can make a huge impact on the local healthcare environment.

Current Projects.
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Current collaboration with Clinique Ngaliema in DRC. Support of a fellowship in Belgium and setup of a new Endoscopy Unit. Click to play the video