GIEQs' Testimonials
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Feedback on the 3+ years of GIEQs Symposia and GIEQs Online

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GIEQs fills training gaps!

Having watched GIEQs' high quality upskilling/training I feel confident to say how I want to do some parts of colonoscopy and can explain why. If the Academy can continue to offer opportunities like this to trainees across the region. I am certain it will greatly improve endoscopy training and competence.

Trainee Medical Endoscopist United Kingdom

Immersive Training...

for 2 hours I didn't even think about checking an email. My eyes were glued to the screen.

Consultant Surgeon United Kingdom

The best thing I did in my career (so far!)

After watching online videos from Tokyo live, Endo Swiss, Amsterdam Endoscopy Symposium (which were great but i personally did not benefit from them very much because i hadn't proper basic skill and knowledge) I saw on ESGE events calendar programme for GIEQS. After some consideration, and looking for reviews, I registered for the GIEQs Symposium - THE BEST THING I DID DURING MY WORKING CAREER

Consultant Gastroenterologist Croatia

Maximum Conscious Competence

As someone who thought that nurses insert endoscopes and i only have to work with wheels, who knew almost nothing about appropriate snare selection, electrosurgey units, etc., You changed my whole practice. The structured approach that You and your team (especially dr. Anderson and dr. Valori) provide is priceless

Consultant Gastroenterologist UK

Virtual informs Practical!

Thanks to you I've succesfully used OVESCO clips for GI bleeding 3 times (had no one senior that had experienced with that during procedures) - during which i was confident of the indication and the proper technique of placement thanks to many videos on your site

GIEQs II Participant and GIEQs Online Subscriber

High Definition

I thought the imaging was excellent. The pictures and videos were excellent examples of what the presenters were trying to show

GIEQs Online Course Participant Consultant Surgeon, UK

Rich Learning from Watching Others Learn

It was a good format. It was good that there was a theoretical course the night before. On the course itself there were a lot of opportunities to ask questions. The hands on part is very good and through watching collegues work, you learn also from their mistakes

GIEQs Online Course Participant Consultant Gastroenterologist, Peru

Rich Visual Learning

The drawings of the virtual trainer were great. Very enjoyable way to learn. Excellent coaching during the live course and individual/personal approach. Nice way of learning where everyone feels at ease.

GIEQs Online Course Participant Consultant Gastroenterologist, Australia

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