GIEQs Courses

GIEQs Courses

University Hospital of Ghent


English is universally spoken in Belgium so no problem here.  Everyone understands and you can just start your conversation in English.


Holiday Inn, Ghent (careful, there are 2, book the one in the link)

Van der Valk Hotel (5 minutes walk from hospital)

University Hospital of Ghent

How to get to Ghent

Ghent is a beautiful medieval town in the East of Belgium 40 minutes drive / 25 minutes train journey from Brussels

  1. Flight to Brussels Airport Zaventem (1hr ish from UK locations)
  1. Eurostar to Brussels Zuid/Midi (is the same station!)
  1. Drive via Eurotunnel to Calais

Location of the Hospital and Course

University Hospital of Ghent (=UZ Gent)

Corneel Heymanslaan 10, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Follow the instructions below to get from the hotels recommended to the hospital.

If you drive contact us!

Follow the map from the hotels to the hospital entrance

Enter via the K12 building entrance as shown on the map below

This can seem daunting so follow arrows exactly

Once you are in the entrance hall take a right past a bakery and a gift shop then another right to some lifts

Take the lifts to the 3rd floor

Exit the lifts and walk straight in a corridor until you see Endoscopy Unit on the left hand side (Endoscopische eenheid in Dutch)

You have arrived!

Contact our Secretariat for any assistance