Discounts on Symposium and Subscriptions for Low Income Countries

David Tate Saturday 10th June 2023

The GIEQs Foundation is committed to extending the reach of endoscopy education, no matter the financial means of the endoscopist seeking it.

Whether it is for our yearly symposium or subscriptions the below table will allow you to see the possibilities for discount.

Because this is highly personal we encourage those seeking a discount to reach out to us personally at and we will share details of the available assistance.

Discounts Available

GDP/capita (as % of all countries) Discount offered
>60% None
>40-60% 30%
>20-40% 60%
>10-20% 90%
>0-10% FREE
Discount Formula. Discounts applied as per table found here Discounts are based on GDP-per capita at the time of enquiry.