Advanced Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR)
Live and Online : Thursday 2nd March 2023 , 08:00 - 17:00 CET
on Demand thereafter
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Exploring difficulty in colorectal polypectomy.

A previously attempted polyp in the ascending colon.
Resection defect after endoscopic mucosal resection of a large previously attempted polyp.

Images: Previously attempted polyp in the ascending colon.  Technically difficult EMR procedure required to achieve complete clearance.

Aims of the Course

Deconstruct the approach to difficult EMR (endoscopic mucosal resection)


Live Course Thursday 2nd March 2023

Virtual experience available from Thursday 16th March 2023

Type of Course

GIEQs Complex Course

Format? : Virtual-live experience available on, after the event


  • € 30 – 3 months available
  • FREE with your GIEQs PRO subscription

Who should attend?

  • Trainees in Colonoscopy
  • Consultants / Staff Members who wish to improve their polypectomy technique


1 day (8 hours)

Course Objectives

  • Via live cases explore the common problems associated with Endoscopic Mucosal Resection in Difficult Situations and how to solve them
  • Explore a problem, solution, execution approach to difficult Polypectomy
  • Multiple lecture-based and cartoon based graphical illustrations throughout the day
  • For our first GIEQS Complex course we will focus on how to take your endoscopic mucosal resection to the next level.
  • We take you through how to tackle presumed-benign:
    • Large polyps
    • Previously attempted polyps
    • Polyps in difficult locations
    • Larger non-granular polyps


  • Dr David Tate
  • Dr Lobke Desomer