Colorectal Polypectomy Upskilling Course (Virtual)
Thursday 17th December 2020
1400 - 1800 CET, on Demand thereafter
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Virtual Coaching for Endoscopists and Trainees performing Colorectal Polypectomy


Based around 2 live cases we will demonstrate polyp assessment, technique selection and safe resection. Focussed on endoscopic mucosal resection of intermediate and larger lesions.

Interaction via live chat platform (Zoom based). Anyone can ask questions and join the conversation at any time.

Who should enrol?

Endoscopists and Trainees wanting to improve their knowledge and understanding of larger colorectal polypectomy


Thursday 17th December 2020, 1400 CET until 1800 CET


Live here, online at You can follow live (discussion and interaction) or catch up at your leisure.


30 euros (includes review of the course on demand for 3 months, delay of 24 hours for content upload)

Deconstructed Technique

Acquisition of the skills necessary to acquire mastery of colorectal polypectomy is still difficult. We have deconstructed the technique to make it easier to upskill your own polypectomy practice.

High Definition, Fully Interactive Stream

Our courses are fully interactive. They allow participation and interaction live with the proceduralists using Zoom or via Smartphone with Slido.

Based around Live Endoscopy

Focussed on Evidence but based around live cases of polypectomy we will present evidence in the context of live cases of polypectomy and training. Available for 3 months included in the price.

Demonstration of 'Virtual Coaching'

A mixture of training and best-practice experiences performed live, with commentary from experienced faculty. So you receive real-life experiences from the best-practice and trainee view-point. As if you were really there.

Considering participating?

This example footage of our presentation style may help convince you!