Imaging of Colorectal Polyps (Virtual)
Thursday 18th March 2021
1930 - 2120 CET, on Demand thereafter
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Endoscopic Imaging of Colon Polyps

Thursday 18th March, 1930-2120 CET
Online at

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Ever unsure of how to approach a large polyp in the colon that you encountered on a routine colonoscopy list? Not 100% confident on the difference between Kudo III, or IV, or Vn, or Paris 0-IIa versus 0-IIa/Is? Wish you had some structured way to approach this common clinical problem?

GIEQs’ Colon Polyp Imaging Webinar has you covered!

  • High Definition video based webinar
  • Interactive expert discussion via Zoom
  • Short recap on theory - Paris, Kudo, NICE, Sano and how to use them in clinical practice
  • over 1 hour of video case-based discussion with multiple invited experts focussed on the following simple step by step process
    • surface analysis using white light and narrow band imaging
    • detection / ruling out of a demarcated area of suspected submucosal invasion (SMI)
    • use of morphology and surrogate findings to further determine the risk of SMI
    • use the available information to make a clinically relevant treatment decision for your patient

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As ever at GIEQs we are really interested in the trainee perspective and theory of training so have invited our assistant colleagues to join the faculty and broaden the debate.


  • Dr David Tate, UZ Gent, Belgium
  • Dr John Anderson, Interventional Endoscopist, UK
  • Dr Roland Valori, Interventional Endoscopist, UK
  • Dr Lobke Desomer, Interventional Endoscopist, Roeselare, Belgium
  • Dr Pieter Hindryckx, Interventional Endoscopist, UZ Gent, Belgium
  • Dr Christophe Schoonjans, Endoscopy Fellow, UZ Gent, Belgium
  • Dr Lynn Debels, Assistant Doctor, UZ Gent, Belgium


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