Perfecting your Cold Snare Polypectomy Technique [Webinar]
Live and Online : Monday 20th February 2023 , 19:30 - 21:30 CET
on Demand thereafter
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Cold snare polypectomy can be difficult. Here's how to make the difficult easier.

An image highlighting best practice in cold snare polypectomy.
Cold Snare Polypectomy indicating best practice technique. A dedicated cold snare is used with a margin of normal tissue.

Aims of the Course

Cold snare polypectomy is established as an effective and safer alternative to snare polypectomy using diathermy.  There is a learning curve but once established many people may wonder why we are running a webinar on the topic.

Consider the following issues:

  • Difficult positioning
  • Very small, flat polyp
  • Patient on multiple anticoagulant agents
  • Snare doesn’t cut through despite waiting
  • Should you use suction to retrieve due to potential specimen fragmentation? Dedicated snare or hybrid?
  • How to deal with bleeding
  • Scraped the surface of the polyp?
  • How to quickly and easily resolve?
  • Can you use biopsy forceps as an alternative? If so when?

Want our take on these issues and more with multiple practical examples?  Join us on 20th February.

Catch it online if you can’t watch live within 24 hours.

Type of Course

GIEQs Everyday Endoscopy Course

WEBINAR, live on and Zoom

Who should attend?

  • Trainees in Colonoscopy
  • Consultants / Staff Members who wish to improve their cold snare polypectomy technique


Monday 20st February 2023 – 1930 CET / 1830 GMT


2 hours

Course Objectives

  • Deconstructed theoretical background about Cold Snare Polypectomy
  • Via live cases explore the common problems associated with CSP and how to solve them


  • Dr David Tate
  • Dr John Anderson
  • Dr Roland Valori
  • Dr Lobke Desomer