Polypectomy training, 20mm proximal transverse LSL
Training of a colleague with some experience taking his next steps in polypectomy of an advanced lesion in the proximal transverse

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Decision making in Polypectomy
Choice of snare typeEn bloc versus piecemeal resectionHot versus cold snare polypectomy
Deconstructed Polypectomy Technique
Injection techniquePost polypectomy defect assessmentSafety checks prior to application of diathermySnare placementThermal ablation of the post-polypectomy margin
Defect inspection deconstructed
Submucosal adipose tissueSubmucosal blood vessels
Endoscopic Markers of Submucosal Invasion [colon]
[low risk] Right colon, flat, no nodules
Gastrointestinal Location
Imaging Classifications for Colorectal Polyps
Kudo ClassificationNICE classification
Imaging modalities
Virtual chromoendoscopy
Paris Classification
Paris 0-IIa
Polyp Size
Large (20mm or larger)
Polypectomy technique
Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (piecemeal)
Prevention of adverse events at polypectomy
Clip closure of resection defect for risk of delayed bleeding
Submucosal Injection Technique
Blunt injectionDynamic injectionStab and pull back to find submucosal plane
Video Type
Endoscopic Video and Room Video with Audio Plus Trainee
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