Common Polypectomy Difficulties Webinar
Live and Online : Monday 14th March 2022 , 19:30 - 21:00 CET
on Demand thereafter
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Common Polypectomy Difficulties Webinar

An evening webinar with video-based discussion of difficult polypectomy.

Ever wish you could ask someone about polyps you had resected? Reflect on your own technique together with an expert in polypectomy?

Look no further! Together with Dr Nick Church from Edinburgh, Scotland, we have created just this experience for you.

Nick has recently started performing intermediate (SMSA level 3) polypectomy and has prepared multiple short cases of his videos for us to deconstruct during the webinar.

As usual expect a lively discussion, trainee and multiple expert perspectives and deconstructed learning with figures to enable you to immediately up skill your own polypectomy technique


  • Short introduction to what makes polypectomy difficult
  • Nick presents his cases with his questions and comments on what made these polyps difficult to resect
  • Discussion about possible approaches and solutions follows
  • Faculty present a case where many issues occurred in a polypectomy which was too difficult for the endoscopist, with suggestions for how to approach differently
  • In each case we will use our polypectomy assessment tool (GPAT) to provide a structured discussion of how to improve your polypectomy technique


  • Dr David Tate
  • Dr John Anderson
  • Dr Lobke Desomer

in conversation with Dr Roland Valori and trainees.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to upskill your intermediate polypectomy technique

Full interaction possible via Zoom