Basic Colonoscopy Course (Virtual / Live Hybrid)
Live and Online : Monday 16th November 2020 , 08:30 - 17:00 CET
on Demand thereafter
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Welcome to GIEQs Basic Colonoscopy Course

Basic Colonoscopy. 8 hours. Multiple virtual-live and didactic learning experiences.

A Virtual Experience Suitable for Everyone Starting Out in Colonoscopy


Following a classroom-based overview of colonoscopy technique trainees with variable experience will be trained to improve their skills and understanding of how to overcome common problems encountered during colonoscopy by local and virtual faculty.

Who should enroll?

Colonoscopy trainees and anyone wanting to improve their understanding of the technique of colonoscopy


Online, directly accessible after payment


Live here, online at You can follow live (discussion and interaction) or catch up at your leisure.


30 euros (includes review of the course on demand for 3 months, delay of 48 hours for content upload)

Participation via live chat platform possible. Anyone can ask questions and join the conversation at any time.

Deconstructed Technique

Acquisition of the skills necessary to perform basic colonoscopy is still difficult. To become a skilled colonoscopist takes a long time. This course will explore and deconstruct the key problem areas encountered when performing colonoscopy with commentary and analysis .

Practical Advice

We will demonstrate the essentials of how to control the instrument effectively, and how to diagnose and overcome failure to progress. The goal will be to provide participants with a clear understanding of the essential components of high quality colonoscopy and practical advice of how to improve when they get back into the endoscopy room.


Delegates will be invited to participate at various junctures of the course and everyone will be able to pose questions at any time via our trademark high quality digital stream

Unique Live / Virtual Hybrid

A mixture of training experiences performed live, with commentary from experienced trainers, lectures and discussiom of pre-recorded training. Focussed on the basics.

Considering participating?

This example footage of our training style may help convince you!