Webinar : Training the Polypectomy Trainers
Live and Online : Tuesday 12th April 2022 , 19:00 - 21:00 CEST
on Demand thereafter
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Training in Polypectomy - Virtual Experience

A world first! A virtual experience, fully searchable, to upgrade your polypectomy practice by observing qualified Gastroenterologists and Surgeons being taught to train.

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Train the Polypectomy Trainers Webinar and Course

We know that in most parts of the world polypectomy training is an afterthought, coming too late in a training programme to be effective. Sometimes there is no polypectomy training at all. In both circumstances colonoscopists are left to master the technique of polypectomy after they start independent colonoscopy. It is not surprising therefore that polypectomy outcomes are so variable, and often unacceptable.

We are committed to bringing detection of polyps and training of polypectomy to the top of the colonoscopy improvement agenda. We are providing an opportunity to observe people who are competent in polypectomy being trained to teach polypectomy.  Welcome to a new concept, a world first: an evening webinar and two full-day course focussed on training SMSA-3 polypectomists to train others in polypectomy.

We are confident that this format will benefit everyone performing and teaching polypectomy.  We shall be focussing on more complex polyps, but the principles and approach are relevant to all types of polyps.  Because the focus of the course is on training trainers to teach polypectomy, there will be complete deconstruction of how we assess polyps, deconstruction of how we make decisions, and of course deconstruction of the techniques we use to remove polyps. 

Grounded in training theory, the successful approach to technical skills training of Dr Roland Valori and Dr John Anderson, will be coupled with the evidence-based polypectomy practice of Dr David Tate and Dr John Anderson. We present to you this entirely new format for a hybrid online and live course. 

Perhaps better as you can watch anytime and anywhere.


Evening webinar reviewing the principles of training and the fundamentals of polypectomy.

Two consecutive days of live endoscopy will include multiple resections of SMSA 3, SMSA 4 and SMSA 4+ polyps. The procedures will be performed by endoscopists who are routinely resecting SMSA 3 polyps and teaching others how to perform colonoscopy and polypectomy.  There will be simultanoues analysis and deconstruction of both polypectomy and training.

Our inhouse polypectomy assessment tool (GPAT) will be used to provide a structure to the discussion of how to perform polypectomy, how to improve technique and how to train others to perform high quality and safe polypectomy.

Teaching vignettes and case-examples will be used throughout the evening webinar and the two days of hands-on training to show how difficulties in polypectomy can be overcome, and to demonstrate and explain the nuances of training in polypectomy.


  • Dr David Tate
  • Dr John Anderson
  • Dr Roland Valori
  • Dr Lobke Desomer

Learning Objectives

  1. Provide a deconstructed approach to polypectomy and training in polypectomy
  2. Provide an overview of training theory with a focus on how it relates to polypectomy practice
  3. Provide four cases per day with live interaction and discussion between consciously and SMSA level 3 endoscopists performing the procedures
  4. Provide a framework to facilitate discussion of polypectomy practise and to enhance feedback to trainees performing polypectomy (global polypectomy assessment tool: GPAT)
  5. Provide teaching vignettes to unpick difficult polypectomies and explain the rationale for what works and why it works
  6. Provide a roadmap for those starting out in polypectomy and polypectomy training
  7. Provide a unique opportunity to improve polypectomy and training technique in the same learning experience