Artificial intelligence for the detection and characterisation of SSP
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Artificial Intelligence
Colorectal polyp characterisationColorectal polyp detectionPitfalls - characterisation - mis-classificationPitfalls - lesion not presented to AI
Deconstructed Cold Snare Polypectomy
Defect inspection after CSPEndoscope positioningUse of submucosal injectionWide margin principle
Gastrointestinal Location
Imaging Classifications for Colorectal Polyps
WASP classification
Imaging modalities
Virtual chromoendoscopy
Kudo Classification
Kudo II-O
Paris Classification
Paris 0-IIa
Piecemeal cold snare polypectomy
Lesion assessmentUse of injection
Procedure Intention
Serrated polyps
Lesion CharacterisationSerrated polyposis syndrome
Submucosal Injection Technique
Dynamic injection
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Endoscopic Video and Audio Narration
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